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Sound_Space, A procedural soundscape, played through the leap motion hand tracker, forming new interactions with sound and space, 2020
Speculative Simulation, A multi-media research project into computational simulation, 2019
WIP conceptual Vertex Simulator written in C++
Procedural world building with the shader and noise
Genetic-Drum-Machine, using Genetic algorithms to make a fun interactive sample sequencer, 2019
Exploring virtual spaces with Houdini
Ways Of Touching, Made in collaboration with Julien Mercier and Johnny Fuller-Rowell, 2018
M-O, animation by George Simms, sound by Izzy Nahkla, 2017
‘Note, A Self’, written, directed, edited and sound by George Simms, filmed by Miles Williams and actor Chris Hough, 2017
Flu-Tro, sound and animation by George Simms, 2015
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